System capabilities

Our company Globalslots Deluxe offers more than 130 unique games created on the basis of such popular systems as Aristocrat, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Apex, Belatra, Extrema, MegaJack, etc. All the games are characterized by striking and high-quality graphics, accompanying sound and realistic behavior corresponding to interfaces of original game terminals.

Each game mathematics coincides with that of real game prototypes. It is possible to change the ‘return’ percent and the amount of maximum payoff. Mathematical algorithms and return percents are orthogonal and not affected by other games and payoffs in other slots parlors.

In order to diversify the design of your slots parlors, we have a possibility to change lobbies’ interfaces and directly games’ appearances.

Globalslots Deluxe gaming platforms can be easily installed on any operating system – Windows, Linux, Android. Gameplay is very convenient and ergonomic. Your client can use a mouse, a touchscreen or an ordinary keyboard. Optionally, it is possible to plug a keypad, bill acceptor, dispenser or check printer.

Our gaming client’s capability also allow choosing a language of the installed interface, there is an option to choose a currency and to change denomination. You can disable a part of games on a particular terminal, if necessary.

In addition, our gaming platform provides for a system of client’s supplementary encouragement – there is a bonus for the lost sum, the size and the time of which return can be set at your own discretion. Adjustment of bonus payoffs is carried out on a server and players cannot activate or change your settings locally.

The gaming platform provides for a jackpot system. The maximum percent of each bet transferred to the jackpot pool is 10%. Besides, you can choose a specific time or specific number of a terminal, where a jackpot can be won. There is also a possibility to create several jackpots for one parlor, or one jackpot for several parlors. The current jackpot pool is displayed on a separate screen, and hitting the jackpot is followed by sound and visual effects.

The use of Globalslots Deluxe gaming platform is carried out via the website for system administration. Website capabilities include the following:

1) Viewing of game logs by each terminal (credits, bets, winnings, matrix with symbols animation);

2) Viewing and analysis of statistics by each game and by each terminal;

3) Viewing of cash operations (the sum of bets, the sum of winnings by terminals or particular games, total amount of pay-ins and pay-offs in a parlor with a possibility of grouping by time, etc.)

In case of several parlors, the website for system administration allows uniting all parlors into a network, dividing parlors into separate subnets, carrying out credit transfers from one parlor to another.

The system is provided with a possibility to create users with different rights and levels of access (convenient for cages, administrators and parlor owners).

The website has a function to debug the settings of all terminals, to set the percent of a payoff, the amount of maximum prize, currency, type of denomination, to create and adjust jackpots for each parlor, perform pay-ins and pay-offs from each terminal.

In addition, Globalslots Deluxe offers a program for use of ATMs and a program for the work of parlor cages. The main program functional is ensuring pay-ins and pay-offs to terminals via of ATMs or cash registers by means of automatically generated code, as well as checks printing. Besides, the program “Cash desk” allows carrying out simultaneous on/off of all terminals in a parlor, as well as turning on the ‘panic’ mode.

We are ready to answer any of your questions and always glad to consider various options of mutually beneficial cooperation with you!