Windjammer II

Video poker created by Extrema gaming system with 53 cards deck, joker, risk game and bonus pays.

One of the most amazing video poker games, ‘WindJammer II’ game. This video poker has a standard 52 card deck plus a joker; it can replace any card in a hand necessary for a combination. In ‘Windjammer II’ a player receives three deals, i.e. a player can change 1-5 cards twice. In addition, there is a possibility to take half a win or to play a risk game during any of the deals.

Risk game in ‘Windjammer II’, in addition to a standard card scheme (a player shall define which card is higher than dealer’s one to double a win), has the so-called ‘mountain’ bonus. The essence of the bonus is that during guessing the card the screen has a circle with lighted and unlighted segments. The size of the win is significantly higher than a standard double of a player’s win, however in order to receive it a player shall guess the cards in dealer’s hand. Each correct card doubles the existing win and lights up one segment of a circle. The player receives the whole ‘’ after lighting up of all segments.

In addition, the game has a bonus, which accumulates in case of ‘Jacks or better’ combination. If a player ends the deal with this combination, one of the segments of ‘mini-bonus’ ‘lights up’. This win pays only if all segments are ‘lighted up’, i.e. after 7 ‘Jack or better’ combinations.

  • 53 cards in a deck
  • 3 deals per game
  • Joker substitutes any card
  • Player can take or double a win during any deal of the game
  • ‘Jacks and better’ combination increases the ‘mini-bonus’ progress
  • Card risk game with ‘mountain’ bonus