Joker Poker

Video Poker by Globalslots gaming system developers with 2 deals per game, risk game, joker and additional combinations.

Another video poker in Globalslots collection is a bright and fascinating ‘Joker Poker’. The same as in a classic video poker, here are two hands per game, and a standard 52 card deck + joker card is used, which substitutes any card in a deal.
In addition, the game has a risk mode (a player defines the range of the hidden card – more or less than ‘seven’). There are additional combinations. In ‘Joker Poker’ these are ‘Knights or better’, as well as ‘Five of a kind’ - 4 card of the same range plus joker.

  • 53 cards in a deck
  • 2 deals per game
  • Joker substitutes any card
  • Risk game more or less than 7
  • ‘Knights and better’ and ‘Five of a kind’ combination