Video Poker created on the basis of Globalslots gaming system with 2 deals per game, risk game, joker and additional combinations.

Fever is another thrilling game by Globalslots developers in video poker genre. In ‘Fever’ a player receives two deals per game, however a deck has an additional card besides the standard 52 cards; this card is a joker that can substitute any other card in a combination.
In a risk mode a player shall define the range of the card offered by the dealer (higher or lower than ‘seven’), however a win is not simply doubles, but randomly multiplies by a factor from 1 to 9. In addition, ‘Fever’ has an additional combination, a player wins for ‘Jacks or better’.

  • 53 cards in a deck
  • 2 hands per game
  • Joker substitutes any card
  • Risk game ‘more or less than 7’ with random win multiplier from 1 to 9
  • ‘Jacks or better’ win combination