Deuces Wild

Video Poker created by Globalslots gaming platform with 2 deals per game, risk game, joker and additional combinations.

Another product created in video poker genre, ‘Deuces Wild’ game.
This game is based on a standard 52 card deck and two deals of 5 cards. The game has a joker, its role is performed by ‘deuces’ from the deck, which can substitute any other card for obtaining win combination. The game also has a ‘risk’ mode, a player shall define the range of the offered card (higher or lower than ‘seven’) to double a win.
In addition, ‘Deuces Wild’ game has two additional combinations, which are absent in classical video poker, the so called ‘clean royal flush’ (a combination dealt to a player without jokers), and ‘four deuces’, i.e. four jokers simultaneously.

  • 52 cards in a deck
  • 2 deals per game
  • Risk game more or less than 7
  • All deuces play as Joker
  • ‘Clean Royal Flush’ and ‘Four Deuces’ combinations