American Poker II

Video poker developed by Novomatic gaming system, with 53 cards in a deck, joker, risk game, as well as free and bonus payoffs.

Another classic video poker by "Novomatic" system - American Poker II development. This game has a standard 52-card deck plus Joker, it can substitute any card in a deal required for a combination. A player gets two deals – a possibility to change one to five cards after the first combination. In addition, there is a possibility to take a win or to play a risk game to double a win during any deal.
In addition, the game has a bonus that accumulates if "Jacks or better" combination appears. The higher the player’s bet, the sooner the accumulated mini-bonus will be paid.

  • 53 cards in a deck
  • 2 deals per game
  • Joker substitutes any card
  • Player can take or double a win during any deal in the game
  • ‘Jacks and better’ combination increases the ‘mini-bonus’ progress