A lottery by developers of the Globalslots gaming platform with a possibility of manual and automatic fill and auto-spins.

Another genre in the GlobalSlots Deluxe game store is lotteries. The essence of such games is in that before the round a player selects several numbers and wins if his choice coincides with the numbers appeared in the lottery. The more numbers coincide, the higher is the player’s win.
One of such lotteries is Keno. One of Keno’s peculiarities is auto-fill of the field (the game selects numbers in favor of the player), as well as auto-rounds, due to which the ‘spin’ button is pushed automatically and the game compares the appeared numbers with those selected by the player.
Keno gaming field contains 80 numbers. In case of maximum bet and full coincidence of the selected numbers, the bet can be increased by 18,000.

  • 10x8 gaming field
  • Automatic random or manual fill
  • 1-10 auto-rounds